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You'll receive an email from us with the exact schedule of your Table Rabbit evening, including the info at what time it starts. We recommend that you arrive on time at the first bar of the evening 😉 You'll have 75 minutes at each location to get to know the others. The exact time when you should be at the next bar during the evening, can also be found in our email. We will send you this email as soon as you've confirmed and paid for your Table Rabbit event. We recommend saving the email somewhere so that you can have it at hand later!



At the first bar you'll directly meet your small group, consisting of 2 other participants, with whom you'll spend the entire evening together, changing from bar to bar. You and your group will meet another small groups of three in each location. This way you'll get to know 3 new bars and up to 30 new people over the course of the evening! Pretty cool right? Like 30 dates all in one.



We choose a total of three special bars for every Table Rabbit evening, which you’ll experience during the evening. After the 75 minutes are over, you'll move to a new location where more new people are eager to meet you. For each group, there'll be three changes of location in the evening. Once every group stays in the same location, This way you discover three exciting new places, which by the way are never more than 15 minutes walking distance from each other. You barely lose any time changing locations. Pretty convenient, huh?

Still have questions about Table Rabbit's evenings? Take a look at our FAQs, you’ll find the answer there for sure!

Here's an example of what an email from us could look like:

Table Rabbit
Your Table Rabbit🐰 Adventure awaits!
To: you@icloud.com

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