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Table Rabbit's bar crawl events introduces you to 30 people and 3 bars while you have a blast.
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How does Table Rabbit work?

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3 You meet a lot of people at a Table Rabbit event.

A fun way to meet new people



Meet loads of new people in one evening

Get to know many people without it taking ages

With Table Rabbit, you interact with many people looking for the same like-minded people you are in one evening.

Meet many people in one evening

Don't get stuck in shallow, single dates. Meet up to 30 people in one night.

Increase your chances of finding the right person to go on a date with

Wouldn’t it be better if you could tell how in to a person you are before going on a date with them? You deserve to have better dates.



Discover new bars

Table Rabbit hand picks only the best bars

To make sure your event is the best it possibly can be, we use our rigorous guidelines to ensure each bar is quality.

Each bar serves food and drink

You'll never go hungry at our event. Each bar serves at least "finger-food" and many of them serve delicious dishes.

Easy on the feet

Your feet will thank you knowing that the bars are never more than a 5-minute walk from each other.



Get to know new people in person

You can get a real impression of a person better in real life

Nearly 34% of people claim they've experienced love at first sight in real life. An online dating profile can't offer this magical moment.


53% of online dating users don't tell the truth in their profile. Including using fake or modified pictures.

Learn more than how well they create profiles

Online dating often only gives an unfair advantage to those who can optimise their profile. But you care about who they are. So get to know who they are. In person.

What our clients have to say

We are convinced of our service, but what is important for you is what other customers think about us.

I am surprised

My best friend persuaded me to join, she realized that you can book such an event for two people and didn't want to go alone. I have to admit that she had to persuade me for quite a long time as I don't think much of dating apps. She said that this is completely different and not a dating app and I have to say she's right! We met really nice people, some of them we're even going to see next week even and it was the opposite of Tinder: you meet people for real, it's a super relaxed atmosphere and there were zero awkward silences during the conversations!

Melanie, 33 Germany
Really cool platform

Really cool platform, really relaxed organising. I went straight from work to the bar and was really surprised to discover a bar I hadn't thought of yet. I met two really nice guys and found it really cool to finally meet people in real life again!

Isabella, 26 Munich
My 2nd Table Rabbit Event

The 2nd Table Rabbit event was a blast! The first time it wasn't so good because the people weren't my cup of tea, even though we had almost all the same hobbies. But the second time was fantastic! I made an date with one of them to play beach volleyball next week, he's showing me the place he' s been playing at for several years coz I don't like the crowd at my beach any more... I'm definitely looking forward to the next evening with Table Rabbit and can't wait to see how it turns out!

Alex, 26 Germany

Hey, I really have to praise the creators of TableRabbit! I think it's a super cool thing to do, and I wish they'd been around when I first moved to Munich! I would have met so many more new people so fast! Better late than never though

Felix, 28 Germany

I'm mega happy with Table Rabbit! I've been through all the online sites, from Tinder to Bumble Friends. What's cool about Table Rabbit is that you meet so many people at once. With other dating sites it's always a shame when I've met someone but we didn't get on very well, sometimes I've wasted a whole afternoon...

Marius, 24 Germany
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Why Table Rabbit?

Meet the ingredients that create our one of a kind evenings.

Rabbit Groups

With Rabbit Groups we introduce you to people who have similar interests as you. Pets are your thing, you're interested in investments or crypto & ETFs? There's a Rabbit Group for that

Dating (Rabbit Group)

Ready for a relationship or a romantic adventure? Select this Rabbit Group and meet possible dates.

Friendship (Rabbit Group)

Are you new in town and looking for new friends and acquaintances? This is your chance.

Meet in person

First Impressions last. This is why you'll meet others for the first time in person. We don't have profile pictures or a description text.

Matching age groups

To guarantee you meet people like you, we make sure that all participants are around the same age.


You’re already in a happy relationship? Congrats! If you and your partner want to meet other couples, you can also register together. There will be no singles at your events.

Never on your own

At your first location, you'll meet your group. You'll stay together with them when you change locations throughout the evening. This way, you'll get to know other people in other groups but never be on your own.

Perfect duration

You'll have 75 minutes in each location to get a good impression of all participants. Plenty of time to get to know each other!

Your City

With Table Rabbit you won't just meet new people. You'll also experience new bars, cafés & restaurants. Discover your city's hidden gems and all time classics when it comes to locations.

No fake profiles

You won’t run into a fake profile on Table Rabbit! How could that be? It's not like we’re going to send actors to a bar, would we?


We don't sell data. Your personal info is safe with us and we'll only ask you for the bare necessities

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