Get started

How to join your first Table Rabbit adventure in just a few steps


1. You sign up

Create your account here. When you register, we’ll ask you if you’ll use Table Rabbit for love or for friendship. We also want to know what your hobbies are so that we can find other participants with whom you already have common ground for a conversation. Your data protection is important to us, so we ask only as little as possible and as much as necessary!


3. Date & guest list is set

As soon as other guests from your city sign up that match your interest and with whom you share hobbies, we’ll create a Table Rabbit evening for you all. We only create groups of which we assume there'll always be common conversation topics. We determine the date, the locations and the schedule. You’ll receive all these details in advance via e-mail.


4. Do you accept the invitation?

You’ll receive an email from us informing you that a Table Rabbit event can take place. If you accept the invitation, the adventure begins!
By the way: you’ll pay for your ticket at this step. Only at this stage will you have committed to the evening.


5. Your Table Rabbit adventure begins

You don't have to worry about a thing: We take care of the coordination of guests and the organisation of bars, from the selection to the reservations. Sit back - you get to enjoy your pre-structured evening and fully engage in meeting wonderful new people!

Well, curious?

Find out what an exciting Table Rabbit evening has in store for you!

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